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Savanna- Cameroon

Savanna- Cameroon

Our Famous Savanna Area of KOUROUK is located between two National Parks, with an area of 363,000 Acres. This combined with the neighboring area of MANA, for an additional area of 113,800 Acres, means you will enjoyed one of the largest hunting areas. Base camp Kourouk, has a great location river side dining room, a nice terrace, lounge bar and rest, comfortable and the rooms, bungalows, traditional African style. Each bungalow consists of a room with 1 or 2 beds, mosquito nets, desk closet, rack, fan and full bathroom. WIFI available in the rest area. The whole camp illuminated, with guards 24 hours. Room Service, daily Laundry, solar energy. Electricity generators with powerful groups. Area taxidermy and personnal. 

Available Game

  • Elephant, Lord Derby Eland, North Western Savanna Buffalo, Western Roan, Lion, Harnessed Bushbuck, Sing-sing Waterbuck, Western Hartebeest, Western Cob, Nagor Reedbuck, Warthog, Red River Hog, Spotted Hyena, Baboon, W.Grey Duiker/ Red Flankes Duiker, Ouribi, Common Jackal, Pyhon /Serval, Mangooste/ Genet cat/ Civette, Patas/ Vervet Monkey.

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