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Rain Forest- Cameroon

Rain Forest- Cameroon

Our Rainforest areas are broken up into three separate huntings sections. Lokomo is our own exclusive area, with exceptional trophy quality, and quantity. The other two Rainforest areas are Kika, and Manbele, with HHK Professional Hunters & the quality world class service our clients have become accustomed to over the years. The three areas are equal to 320,000 Hectares, and located in the South East of the country, bordering the Lobeke National Park, and Republic of Congo. The area has a very good road network, which is important for the hunting of Bongo, Sitatunga, Buffalo, and Elephant, a the roads play a key role in the discovery of fresh tracks. The areas have a wonderful population of Bongo, Buffalo, Sitatunga, Elephant, Peter Duiker, Bay Duiker, & Blue Duiker. 

Available Game

Bongo, Buffalo, Forest Elephant, Sitatunga, Giant Forest Hog, Bush Pig, Bay Duiker, Black-fronted Duiker, Blue Duiker, Peter's Duiker, Duiker, Gabon & Bate's Pygmy Duiker.

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