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 Terms & Conditions 


1.1  “HHK Safaris” refers to HHK Safaris or its nominees, agents, guides/Professional Hunters or staff. 


1.2  “Client” refers to the person named on the Contract or Tax Invoice and or his agents, hunting companions and others who may or may not be listed as party members, but accompany the client during their hunt.


1.3  The word “hunt” refers to those activities for which HHK Safaris offers. This includes; hunting, fishing, boating, general tour services and any other services that HHK Safaris may undertake for their client.


1.4 HHK Safaris ensures that their hunts are guided by an experienced and qualified professional hunter(s). This person will be referred to as the “PH”.


2.1 Deposits: a 20% non-refundable deposit is required to secure a booking. HHK Safaris is under no obligation to place or maintain booking until the deposit has been paid. The remaining balance is payable by the completion of your hunt and prior to your departure. It is at your discretion if you decide to pay more than the requested deposit amount. Please be aware that the same cancellation policy applies. *NB clause 6. FORCE MAJEURE.

2.2 Currency: all prices are quoted in USD (United States Currency) unless otherwise stipulated.

2.3 Currency Fluctuation: HHK Safaris reserves the right to change pricing in accordance with floating exchange rates.

2.4 Price Changes: all pricing is approximate and subject to change without notice. Apart from hunts for which HHK Safaris is holding a deposit, which are subject only to clause 2.3 above.

2.5 Payments: HHK Safaris accepts payments via bank transfers, Visa, MasterCard, or cash (2.0% surcharge on Visa and MaterCard payments). Please advise us if you wish to pay via bank transfer and we will supply transfer information. Cash or bank transfer is preferred.

2.6 Cancellation:
90 – 60 days: the deposit can be transferred to another prearranged date within a 12-month period from the cancelled booking date.
60 – 14 days: the deposit is forfeited.
Inside 14 days: 100% charge of entire hunt.

2.7 Overdue Accounts: a 10% interest fee will be charged to all overdue accounts. All debt collection and legal fees will be payable by client in the event that legal proceedings become necessary to recover any outstanding debt.

2.8 Transfers: deposits and hunt arrangements can be transferred, assigned or ceded to another client or third party with notice and written consent and agreement between HHK Safaris and client. There will be no change to the terms and conditions on transfer unless agreed by both the client and HHK Safaris.

2.9 Exclusions: unless specified the following items are not included in either trophy fees or daily rate: taxidermy and expediting, international or domestic airfares, travel insurance, personal liquor, lodging upgrades, rifle hire, emergency accommodation, phone call charges or rifle hire.

2.10 Tips/Gratuities: HHK Safaris prefers cash for gratuities. Please come prepared if you plan on tipping your PH and/or staff. 15% of the hunt total is the usual gratuities amount. This is an indication only and gratuities are totally at the discretion of the hunter and/or non-hunter. Professional Hunter is a seasonal employment, so tipping keeps many guides and staff in the industry.

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3.1 The client is responsible for all travel arrangements to and from Zimbabwe. In most instances this will be either Robert Gabriel International Airport or Victoria Falls International Airport. Travel documents, visas (if required), certificates, medical insurance and the likes shall be arranged by the client who shall ensure that the same are valid and effective. HHK Safaris shall not be held liable, nor shall the client have any claims against HHK Safaris should the client be refused entry into any country for any reason. HHK Safaris shall not be held responsible for any delays or cancellation of the hunt or any part thereof.

3.2 Travel, Medical and Cancellation Insurances: the client shall arrange their own travel, medical and cancellation insurances relating to travel and their hunt. HHK Safaris reserves the right to cancel the hunt or any part thereof if the client fails to arrange such insurance and the client will have no claim against HHK Safaris arising out of such a cancellation.

3.3 Liability insurance: HHK Safaris requires that the client takes out adequate travel and liability insurance for suitable amounts of cover.

3.4 Medical:
3.4.1 The client shall obtain all necessary medical insurance, and shall take medical advice and appropriate precautions. Due to the nature of activities undertaken, the client shall be responsible for ensuring their physical and medical fitness.

3.4.2 Should the client fall ill or be injured during the time the client is with HHK Safaris, then HHK Safaris will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the client is given prompt access to medical treatment by a doctor or other appropriate medical services. The cost of any special transport or medical care/ treatment is payable by the client.


4.1 HHK Safaris, its guides and agents will take all reasonable steps to hunt and harvest all booked game, but cannot and does not guarantee that the client will successfully hunt, harvest or obtain trophies of the stated quality and/or booked game species. HHK Safaris will make every effort to adhere to hunting and harvesting schedules arranged during the specific hunt time period, but reserves the right to alter the schedules when it may be necessary due to weather conditions, game migration or any other changing conditions.

4.2 Wounded or Lost Game: HHK Safaris will make every effort to locate and retrieve any wounded or lost trophy. Lost and wounded trophies where not recovered will be charged the applicable trophy fee. However, this fee will be reduced to 50% if the client harvests another comparable trophy at full fee.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all legal requirements are met for the importation and use of firearms within Zimbabwe. HHK Safaris has available firearms to hire should it be necessary for the client, as well as ammunition available at a surcharge.

Please visit our Firearms and Licensing section for more information.


HHK Safaris shall not be liable for any interruption, delay or cancellation of the hunt which may arise as a result of sickness or death, riots, wars, acts of God, flight cancellations, acts of any government, road conditions, weather conditions, attacks by wild animals, mechanical breakdown, accidents or any other unforeseen reasons beyond the control of HHK Safaris. 


The client shall have no claims against HHK Safaris in respect of these or any associated matters. Client agrees to take out adequate travel and cancellation insurance against all relevant risks and contingencies at their own expense.


7.1 HHK Safaris shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of the client when the client is participating in the activities provided by HHK Safaris. However, notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein contained, the client (including the client’s heirs, executors, administrators or successors) agrees that the hunt and all related activities are undertaken at the client’s own risk and hereby irrevocably waives and abandons all and any rights or claims which the client may have against HHK Safaris, its directors, shareholders, employees, agents or contractors, arising in consequence of any death, damage, injury, accident, illness, attack by wild animals or insects, however occurring and whether directly or indirectly in relation to the hunt and any related activities including (but not limited to); fishing, boating, and whether any damage or loss is due to persons or directors, shareholders, agents, employees or contactors to HHK Safaris. This disclaimer indemnifies and holds HHK Safaris, its directors, shareholders, employees, agents or contractors, and any party providing assistance or facilities utilised during the hunt harmless against all and any claims in respect of personal injury, damage to property, death, accident, loss or the like, arising from any cause whatsoever as a result of the participation of the client in the hunt and the activities provided for the client by HHK Safaris.

7.2 It is a condition of the client’s visit to any of the facilities that HHK Safaris may from time to time use, such as accommodation providers, hunting and fishing camps and areas, that neither their owner nor HHK Safaris, its directors, shareholders, agents, employees or contractors, accept any claim for loss or damage to person or property owned by the client and any visitor or guest, which may arise from the use of buildings, fittings, equipment and facilities supplied by HHK Safaris or used by HHK Safaris in the course of supplying its services, including the use of motor vehicles, and boats, or by other passengers, whether or not such damage to property is in any way caused or contributed to by any negligence including gross negligence, in relation to the facility or equipment by owners or operators, HHK Safaris or any of their agents, directors, employees, shareholders or contractors or any party providing assistance or facilities utilised for the hunt.

7.3 HHK Safaris does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss or damage to the client’s baggage, personal effects or equipment or other property during the client participation in any activities provided by HHK Safaris, however caused and whether due to negligence of HHK Safaris, its directors, shareholders, employees, agents or contractors or otherwise. Any found lost baggage or personal items can be returned at client’s cost.


Any claims, disputes or litigation which may arise from this agreement shall be subject to, governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe. The client hereby irrevocably consents to the jurisdiction of the High Court of Zimbabwe in respect of any claim, dispute or litigation which may arise from this agreement or its termination.


9.1 HHK Safaris reserves the right to use any photography or film taken during the hunt by its PH's or staff for the use of sale and general marketing without payment or requirement of any prior consent or notice to the client.

9.2 In the event that the client breaches any obligation assumed in this agreement by any act of omission which HHK Safaris considers in its sole opinion to constitute an infringement of HHK Safaris’ rights or obligations, or the rights or obligations of any other person, or if the client’s behaviour is unacceptable or a nuisance to HHK Safaris or any other person, HHK Safaris shall be entitled to terminate the hunt and to refuse to allow the client to continue with the hunt or any part thereof. In these circumstances, HHK Safaris shall not be liable to make any refunds to the client and the client will have no claim of any nature whatsoever against HHK Safaris, its directors, shareholders, agents, employees or contractors.

9.3 For the purposes of this agreement “client” refers to the client or any other person or persons for whom the client has booked a hunt in terms hereof and any person who undertakes the activities referred herein accompanying the client or participating in the hunt with the authority of the client and HHK Safaris. The client warrants that the client is authorised on behalf of such other person or persons to accept and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement. The client shall procure that each such person or persons accepts the standard terms and conditions of a hunt with HHK Safaris (which shall include all related waivers of rights) prior to embarking on the activities provided by HHK Safaris, failing which HHK Safaris shall be entitled to terminate the hunt. In these circumstances, HHK Safaris shall not be liable to make any refunds to the client and the client will have no claim of any nature whatsoever against HHK Safarus, its directors, shareholders, agents, employees or contractors.

9.4 The terms and conditions of this agreement constitute the entire contract between the parties and may not be varied or amended unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties.

9.5 No representations, warranties, guarantees or undertakings not set out in this agreement shall be binding on the parties.


I hereby acknowledge that having fully acquainted myself with the above terms and conditions, which I understand and accept. I agree to be bound to such terms and conditions by paying the deposit. I freely and voluntarily accept and agree to all disclaimers of liability set out in the above terms and conditions. Where applicable I warrant that I am authorised to enter this agreement on behalf of any other person included herein.

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